pedestal fan

Why Choose Summerking ?

Because we design and manufacture advanced solutions that meet all cooling, heating and energy needs. Our systems are used in both new and renovated buildings, including hotels, offices, hospitals, shopping centres and industrial facilities.

You get, Reliable operations in extreme conditions. As a company operating in the tropical region, we focus on designing products that meet the requirements set by harsh conditions. When designing our innovative products, we pay special attention to the demands and challenges presented by Indian weather. Energy efficient and environmentally sustainable

Our products’ energy efficiency stems from advanced technological solutions and the effective recycling of energy. In our product development, we emphasise environmental values and the use of clean refrigerants. Our goal is to be an environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient frontrunner in our field. Complete solutions tailored to the application

Our solutions are manufactured and tested at our factory and customised to meet our customers’ needs. In our production, we take advantage of modular design and efficient automation to achieve cost-efficient and customised manufacturing processes.

Life cycle services The cornerstone of our operating philosophy is to look after our machines throughout their life cycles. Our experts are on hand to help you with the preparation of an optimal plan and project management